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A career/life management company dedicated to helping people live and work more joyfully.

Coach on Demand
KBCareerplanners provides external career coaching for your workforce. Our role is to help employees create and implement action plans to achieve specific organizational career development objectives. Coaching is provided via telephone, Skype/Facetime and/or email. 
While communication with the career coach will remain confidential, KBCareerplanners providesyour professional development team with quarterly reports indicating the number of appointments and an overview of topics addressed. This program will not include job search assistance or outplacement services.

Talent Management

KBCareerplanners offers a variety of customized training seminars aimed at developing soft skills to enhance employee effectiveness and support career development. We specialize in servicing the legal community.

Career Development Series

Winning Recruiting Strategies for Employees
On-Boarding Strategies That Work:
   -- Entry Level Employees:  Transition from Student to Professional 
   -- Mid-Level Employees: Know Your Options and Control Your Destiny 
   -- Newly Elevated Executives: Understanding Your New Role 
   -- Lateral Hires: Cracking the Code to Ensure Successful Integration

Professional Skills Series

The Road to Success: A Guide to Career Management
Time Management: Increase Productivity to Achieve Life/Work Balance 
The Art of Delegating
Delivering Performance Feedback 
Command and Control: Learn to Supervise Effectively 
Professionalism Today
Establish Your Professional Brand
Create Effective Mentor Relationships: 
   -- Tips on being a Good Mentor
   -- Tips on being a Good Mentee
How to Build Strong Client Relationships
The HABit of Leadership
The HABit of Teamwork

Communication Series

Gender Matters: Strategies to Improve Cross Gender Communication
Generations at Work: Solving the Mystery of Intergenerational Communications 
Can WeTalk?  How to Talk to Anybody about Anything
You are the Message:  Tips for Powerful Presentations
Professional Presence