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A career/life management company dedicated to helping people live and work more joyfully.

Professional Skills Development
Career/Life Transition    
​​10 weekly 30 minute tele-sessions to develop professional goals and objectives, addressing tactical strategies and internal and external barriers to success.  Includes emails and quick question phone calls between sessions as needed.​​
10 weekly 30-minute tele-sessions to focus on goal setting, job search strategies, and work/life balance. Includes, resume/cover letter critiques, interview prep/debriefs and access to coach between sessions as needed.
On-Line Personal Vision Coaching Program
T he Don’t Waste Your Talent Coaching Program is an 8-session process following completion of the Highlands Ability Battery online assessment and feedback consultation. It is an intensive, self-paced program providing coaching to help you create a holistic Personal Vision Statement and make decisions about how to express your Personal Vision in your work and in your life.
Retirement Coaching
Research suggests that the most challenging aspect of retirement for Baby Boomers is not financial but rather, a sense of purpose. Retirement demands a new way of thinking about and measuring personal success. This package helps pre-retirement professionals embrace the liberating, yet overwhelming process of shedding familiar work persona in order to explore the vast array of possibilities this new stage of life has to offer.